Help guide turns using all of our swivel top skates with all Utility Model Swivel Skates, both Tilting & Non-Tilting, with UMS prefix in the model number using the STH-04800 turning handle. For heavier loads use motive assistance, such as a forklift, and safely use the turning handle to help guide the Skates into the turn. Each unit comes with a two piece handle for easy gang box storage, a handle bracket that affixes to the front angle of the skate, and hardware.

Specific compatible models are noted below.

Model Number » STH-04800

Compatible Models »

UMS-8, UMS-8-P
UMS-HD-20, UMS-HD-20-P
UMS-HD-15, UMS-HD-15-P
UMS-HD-50, UMS-HD-50-P
UMS-HD-75, UMS-HD-75-P

Weight » 15 lbs.

Paint » Safety Yellow – Handle, Hevi-Haul Red – Bracket

Price » $172.60 Each