Hevi-Haul Skates require minimal maintenance to ensure a very long life of use in the field. To properly care for your Skates you should always keep rolling surfaces free from debris, evenly distribute the weight across all dollies, and never edge load. Routinely check them over after every move and keep them well greased at all times. Replacement skate parts are available for all of our standard roller dollies to keep them operating at peak performance. If you have questions about your Skates or have one of our custom or modified lift products, contact us here, call or e-mail us with your serial number.

Parts Breakdown sheets are available for each skate on their individual product page.

We’ve prepared several how-to videos within each subsection of this section to help you maintain your Skates and install replacement parts.

Skate Axles

Hevi-Haul Skate Axles - CNC Machined in USA
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Rollers & Bearings

Hevi-Haul Skate Rollers & Bearings - Steel & Poly Coated - CNC Machine in the US
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Hevi-Haul Machinery Skate Hardware Parts - Set Screws & More
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