Custom 3 Ton Skate | 29126

We were contacted by an oil and gas company in the middle east for dollies that could accommodate supporting and moving various diameters of oil pipe across hundreds of skates for a very large construction project. Working directly with the client, our engineering team came up with two solutions for two different applications. This particular oil pipeline dolly can handle pipeline 3″ Ø up to 30″ Ø.  On these custom roller dollies we used our standard non-marking polyurethane coated rollers to protect the pipe.

Technical Specifications

Serial Number » 29126

Capacity » 3 Tons

Roller Material » Polyurethane Coated

Length » 8″

Width » 29″

Height » 14-21/64″

Weight » 130 lbs.

Paint » Hevi-Haul Red

IMPORTANT! This skate is a modified or custom product. Please reference the skate on this page by it’s serial number. » Hevi-Haul, Customer Service