We manufacture two types of standard rollers: Steel and Polyurethane Coated. CNC machined, every standard machinery moving skate can utilize either Steel or Poly Rollers interchangeably, however capacity ratings may changed based on wheel type and roller configuration.  If you wish to switch roller types to accommodate different rolling surfaces or move conditions, always refer to the catalog or contact us with any questions you have about skate rollers and bearings. Poly Rollers require additional care. Structural Mover Skates utilize Steel Rollers only. Rollers do not include bearings!

Our bearing system is universal across all of our standard skates and wheel types.

Check out the video below for additional information about our rollers and bearings. Also, watch our parts installation video for installation techniques and tips. If you have any questions please call or e-mail us and we’ll be glad to assist you. 

Hevi-Haul Skate Rollers

SR-00325 Steel 3-1/4in - Hevi-Haul Machine Skate Rollers

3-1/4″ Ø Steel


$57.10 Each

SR-00350 Steel 3-1/2in - Hevi-Haul Machine Skate Rollers

3-1/2″ Ø Steel


$59.80 Each

PR-00325 Poly Coated 3-1/4in - Hevi-Haul Machine Skate Rollers

3-1/4″ Ø Poly Coated


$86.30 Each

PR-00350 Poly Coated 3-1/2in - Hevi-Haul Machine Skate Rollers

3-1/2″ Ø Poly Coated


$91.20 Each

Hevi-Haul Skate Bearings

Replacement bearings are free-floating needle bearings and are sold in a set of (15) bearings. Each bearing set includes enough bearings for one roller.

H-00SBS Hardened Bearing Set - Hevi-Haul Machine Skate Bearings

Hardened Bearing Set


$22.40 Each