Rigid Top Non-Tilt Utility Skates

Designed to be combined with their swivel top counterparts as rear following dollies. They are also often used separately for straight line moves and wider arcing turns where swivel top skates are not required.

These roller dollies combine the stability and increased load capacities of our larger straight line skates with the improved climbing and leading inherent to our tilting models.  Each skate is equipped with four 3-1/2″ Ø center support rollers and two 3-1/4″ Ø front and rear rollers, one on each end. The extra support rollers do not allow for tilting, however they maintain their climbing functionality and easier moving over uneven floors, welds, tracks, gaps, up ramps and more.


Steel Rollers

the best choice for all purpose moving. Steel Rollers provide maximum durability and can handle extended resting loads and even permanent installation. They excel in applications with rough or uneven floors. They are the ultimate workhorse.

7.5 Ton Capacity Each

25 ton capacity rigid machinery skate steel roller dolly um hd 50

25 Ton Capacity Each

37.5 ton capacity rigid machinery skate steel roller dolly um hd 75

37.5 Ton Capacity Each

Polyurethane Coated Rollers

the ideal choice for floors and rolling surfaces that require maximum protection. Rolling surfaces, such as epoxy coated floors, are common in aerospace facilities, military installations and more, but the loads don’t get any lighter. To address this, our polyurethane coated rollers were researched and developed to move the heaviest loads with floor protection in mind. Not recommended for extended resting loads or on rough and debris-riddled rolling surfaces.

7.5 Ton Capacity Each

20 Ton Capacity Each

20 Ton Capacity Each