All About Utility Skates: Part 2: Non-Tilting Utility Skates

As we discussed in our last post, Hevi-Haul utility skates deliver incredible strength, rugged reliability, smooth motion, and versatility to adapt to a variety of tasks. We covered all the proper applications for our tilt-type utility skates, and in this post, we’ll continue with the features and benefits of the non-tilting variety of utility skate.

As with the tilting variety, non-tilting utility skates are the world’s most versatile machinery moving dollies on the market, ideal for both turning and straight line moving applications. Non-tilting utility skates boast the same features and benefits of the tilt-type skates, but in a more rigid design with extra support rollers, while retaining much of the climbing and terrain-handling abilities of the tilting skates.

Non-tilt utility skates combine the stability and increased load capacities of our larger straight line skates with the improved climbing and leading inherent to our the tilt-type models. Each skate is equipped with four 3-1/2″ Ø center support rollers and two 3-1/4″ Ø front and rear rollers, one on each end. The extra support rollers do not allow for tilting, however, they maintain their climbing functionality and ability to move over uneven floors, welds, tracks, gaps, and more. Non-tilt utility skates are available in two varieties, rigid and swivel, that can be combined in numerous configurations for various moving needs.

Rigid top non-tilt utility skates were designed to be combined with their swivel top counterparts as rear following dollies. They are also often used separately for straight line moves and wider arcing turns where swivel top skates are not required.

Swivel top non-tilt utility skates were designed to be combined with their rigid top counterparts as the lead dollies for turning applications. They are also often used separately for heavy loads requiring full directional control. Each swivel top skate has a friction plate between the top frame of the dolly and bottom surface of the swivel plate to reduce swimming under load and eliminating the need for a locking mechanism. Swivel tops are easily removable with a hex key wrench for straight line moving applications without the need to purchase additional skates.

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