Three Important Things to Consider When Moving A Log Cabin

Last spring residents of Wauwatosa lined up to see a historic log cabin roll down North Avenue as the structure moved to its new location. The cabin is historically known as the Frederick D Underwood Log House. Frederic Underwood 1921, a wealthy real estate mogul and president of the Erie Railroad, designed the house.

Being replaced by a three-story apartment building, preserving or demolishing the log cabin had been a topic of much debate in the community.

Thankfully, the developer agreed to donate the log cabin rather than knock it down. The matter was eventually settled when Galbraith Carnahan Architects, a local business, decided to use the log cabin as office space. So, plans for moving the structure began.

Many factors come in to play when moving a building of this size, including:

1) Dumping Unnecessary or Dated Items.

To lighten the load, the new owners removed:

  • Dated paneling
  • Carpeting
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Old plaster
  • Other unnecessary components

2) Potential Challenges of Moving a Log Cabin

Moving a log cabin isn’t as easy as simply picking a new location and calling it home. Log homes may be easier to move due to their lightweight materials. However, wood is prone to wear and tear, and there can be weak points if there is termite or water damage.

Cracks which are called “checks,” can form in the center of the logs and extend to the outer surface. If they become too big, the wood can become susceptible to rot.

3) How the Cabin is Set on its Foundation.

If the cabin is built into the ground, rather than on a platform, it may be too structurally embedded to preserve the integrity of the structure.

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