Fun Facts About Industrial Cranes

Although we may not always realize it, cranes are a big part of our city’s skyline. They are the massive tools that construct some of Milwaukee’s favorite buildings. From the US Bank Center to the Northwestern Mutual HQ and so many more, cranes play a big role in constructing buildings all over the world. Here are some fun facts about cranes!

1. Cranes Are Named After a Bird

It’s true. The tall construction equipment shares a name and likeness with a large, long-necked bird. These birds don’t have the same building skills, but they definitely look similar. The industrial crane was modeled after the bird which has a wide, heavy set lower body with a nimble and long neck and head. The lower half of the crane helps anchor it while the long neck picks up heavy building materials.

2. They Are Modeled After Human Hands

Human hands are so efficient that the crane’s mechanics were modeled after them. Human knuckles and fingers are nimble, just like cranes are. Cranes must be able to maneuver and operate in tough spaces (think about how many buildings and people are below a massive crane). The human knuckle can hook under itself to reduce how much space it takes to get from point A to point B, just like a crane’s jib.

3. Cranes Were Invented in Ancient Greece

In fact, cranes from back then were powered by humans and animals in order to lift heavy stones for building. They were much less technical in ancient Greece, but they were still incredibly efficient. Some buildings from that time period still stand today and are among the sturdiest structures around.

4. Cranes Build Themselves

This is true too. The only thing big enough and strong enough to build a crane is itself. With the help of workers, operators use the crane to attach vital pieces of equipment that help the crane work perfectly.

Machine Moving Skates

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