Tips for Safely Moving Heavy Machinery

Moving heavy machinery is dangerous. You need to know what you're doing if you want to be safe. Here are some tips to make sure your operation goes smoothly. Make a Plan Heavy machinery isn't easy to move. You'll need a solid plan before you even start thinking about moving anything. A clear plan for

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What You Need to Know When Hiring a Rigging Company

Most construction workers or manufacturers are familiar with rigging companies. However, many others don't know what their business is. Basically, professional rigging companies move heavy things. And no, they don't move wooden desks or refrigerators. They move houses, office buildings, massive construction equipment, and the like. In short, they move the stuff that no one

Top 3 Tips for a Totally Stress-Free Move

Moving into a new home is one of the most stressful events in life. Even if everything goes perfectly, there's just something about moving that really makes people anxious. Homes are where your family makes the most special memories. Moving into a new house can be exciting, but leaving the old one behind can be

3 Amazing Structure Moving World Records

Every so often, someone breaks a world record in building and structure moving. Whether it's farthest, heaviest, or largest, these buildings and moves are seriously impressive. 1. Farthest Building Relocation The farthest building relocation was achieved by Warkentin Building Movers, Inc. in Canada in August 2006. The total distance of the relocation was 1,205 miles. It

Wisconsin Buildings that Got Up and Moved

When you build something, you build it to last, right? What if the building is fine, but the location isn't? Well, you just move it somewhere else. Here are some Wisconsin buildings that used to be somewhere else. Culaccino Bar + Italian Kitchen (West Bend, WI) Culaccino in West Bend has not always been the

7 Step Guide on How to Move Your Home

Often times people want or need to move somewhere else, for whatever reason. Bigger space, more bedrooms, etc ... You can hire a team of movers to take all your belongings to a brand new home or location. You may even be brave enough to rent a truck and do it yourself. Or maybe, you

Why Would Anyone Want to Move an Entire Home?

Why Would Anyone Want to Move an Entire Home? Why would anyone need to move their entire home to a new location? Imagine your own home being moved. It's in its current location. Then someone comes over, picks it up from its foundation, carries it a couple miles, and then drops it down in a

Moving Buildings: 5 of the Biggest Structures Ever Moved

Moving Buildings: 5 of the Biggest Structures Ever Moved Have you ever seen those double-wide trailers coming down the road with "Oversize Load" disclaimers on the back? If you have, you've probably watched in shock that a whole house could be picked up and moved, just like that. If this sounds like you, guess what:

How and Where to Relocate Controversial Memorial Statues

How and Where to Relocate Controversial Memorial Statues The Southern Poverty Law Center's research discovered that nearly two-thirds of all Confederate monuments were built during the Jim Crow and Civil Rights era. These memorial statues create controversy relative to American history and the Union's laws. A recent New York Times article suggests that "at a crime scene, you don't

4 Benefits of Structure Relocation

In 1960, a dam in Egypt required the Abu Simbel temple, composed of 30-ton bricks,to  be moved brick by brick to a new location. Rather than destroy the temple, the thousand or more blocks were individually marked and numbered before being reassembled. In this way, the building was preserved. Historic preservation is one of the top benefits