Bosch Tavern Tug

How do you move a 150-ton building 25 feet to the west? With the manpower of hundreds of enthusiastic neighbors and the smooth, efficient operation of Hevi-Haul skates – the best structural moving skates on the market – that’s how!

Last year, an expansion of the Highway 100 thoroughfare threatened the existence of the beloved Bosch Tavern in Hales Corners, WI. The road was slated to be widened, and the Tavern’s front steps led right out onto the adjacent sidewalk – the building would have to go.

Originally a hotel built in 1905, the historical building holds a special place in the hearts of the locals that frequent the Bosch Tavern. When the owner decided that the only way to save his business was to move the building, the response from the community was loud and clear! With local radio stations spreading the word, the term “Tavern Tug” was coined, and the event was scheduled for October 8th, 2016.

Before moving day, the building was separated from its foundation, and a structure was put in place to support the massive I-beams that would, in turn, support the building during the move. The building was raised and placed on its temporary support structure. Consisting of a grid of I-beams separated by Hevi-Haul Straight Line Structural Moving Skates, this structure was designed to efficiently, safely, and effectively move the building to its final resting place.

With the expert contractor Badger Contracting, Inc. running the show, the building and its moving structure were prepped and fitted with several long ropes to enable the Tavern Tug attendees to get in the game and assist with the move. When the day of the event finally arrived, the crowd size exceeded expectations – over 200 people showed up to help with the move!

As the crowd provided the raw power, Hevi-Haul skates enabled the structure to roll, slowly but steadily. With up to a 100 ton capacity per skate, our Straight Line skates provided more than enough capability to move this massive building in a smooth, linear motion.

It all went off without a hitch, and the event’s organizers even managed to raise money for a local charity – all in the name of community. Today, the Bosch Tavern is reopened in its new location: 25 feet west of the old location.

No matter if it’s a century-old building, or a brand new machine, if it’s heavy and it needs to move smoothly, Hevi-Haul skates are the answer.

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