How To Move A Building: Part 1

Structural relocation is a complex and difficult business. There are many reasons why a structure needs to be moved, including historical significance, redevelopment, or even environmental danger at the present location. Regardless of the reasons, a structure can’t be moved without extreme precaution, diligent planning, and near-flawless execution. Hevi-Haul knows this, and we’ve been building the best structural mover skates in the world since 1938. But our knowledge goes beyond just building durable, efficient and effective skates – we build skates dedicated to moving structures smoothly and safely.

In October 2016, Hevi-Haul skates were used to move the beloved Bosch Tavern in Hales Corners, WI, in order to make way for a larger intersection. This move was turned into a charity event, with a large crowd of locals in attendance to show their support for the community and Bosch Tavern, and to get a chance to pull a rope to lend a hand to the move. The contractor working on this move needed a high level of safety to ensure that no one was in danger for the move. They needed the best equipment in the world, so there was no doubt that the structure would move smoothly, safely, and exactly as planned. Hevi-Haul skates were up to the task and helped the event go off without a hitch, successfully moving the building while raising substantial sums for charity.

Hevi-Haul structural mover skates help make the complex and intricate task of moving and turning an existing home or building off of its original foundation easier for the structural mover so it can be transported to its new location. The Bosch Tavern was a unique move, but it wasn’t the first move for rugged Hevi-Haul products.  From the Hamilton Grange National Memorial, to erosion threatened homes on the eastern seaboard, professional house & building movers have relied on Hevi-Haul Skates for over 80 years to assist them in executing some of their most remarkable moves. We continue to be humbled by their trust in our American made products when there’s quite literally so much riding on it for the families that own these homes.

In our next post, we’ll learn a little more about the Hevi-Haul products that enable families and businesses to move a building when the situation demands it.

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