What Makes Hevi-Haul Bearings the Best?

Hevi-Haul’s extensive line of skates, dollies, and structural moving equipment is designed to be rugged and durable from the ground up. Our component parts are manufactured to be the best on the market, and that superior design and construction lead to the exceptional performance of our assembled products. In particular, the bearings that are in each Hevi-Haul product are exceptionally designed and expertly manufactured.

Hevi-Haul skates us a universal bearing system across all standard model skates. We manufacture free-floating, case-hardened needle bearings and build them into each Hevi-Haul roller. The rollers, available in steel or poly, each house a total of 15 bearings, ensuring smooth motion and rugged durability. We also sell replacement bearings by the set, each containing 15 bearings, or enough for one roller.

The bearings are held in place by the roller, axle, and washers. Replacement bearings can be easily installed into a roller without having to pack them with grease prior to installing them into the skate. Place a steel or metal dowel that is slightly smaller than the 1-inch diameter of the axle and about half as long as the roller on a sturdy surface. Secondly, take one of your washers and place it over the dowel. Then place the roller over the dowel, through the bore. It doesn’t have to be centered perfectly. Then take the 15 needle bearings, and insert them into the bore of the roller, adjusting so they fall around the dowel. Lastly, slide the roller off the edge of your work surface, making sure to hold the contents of the roller in place with your palm. Now you have a roller with bearings installed, ready to be placed back into the skate.

While Hevi-Haul manufactures rollers and bearings to last for many years of heavy abuse, there are still occasions in which a repair or maintenance may be necessary. By following these instructions, you’ll be completely familiarized with the simple and rugged design of Hevi-Haul products. Once you know that Hevi-Haul’s complete line of products that move the world are built in the USA with precision and manufacturing excellence, you can feel confident with Hevi-Haul skates operating in your facility or on your project.

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