How to Maintain Your Machinery Skates

Hevi-Haul Skates require minimal maintenance to ensure a very long life of use in the field. Our rock solid design and expert manufacturing processes result in products that deliver sustained performance for many years. In this post, we’ll discuss maintenance and repair procedures that will help you get the most out of your Hevi-Haul machinery skates, the best machinery skates on the market.

To properly care for your Skates you should always keep rolling surfaces free from debris, evenly distribute the weight across all dollies, and never edge load. Routinely check them over after every move and keep them well greased at all times.

In the event of damage to a roller, axle, or bearing, or just to keep your Hevi-Haul machinery skates operating at peak performance, replacement parts are available for all of our standard products. There are a few guidelines to follow when replacing these parts to help ensure a quick and easy repair process.

To start, we recommend gathering a few tools: a non-marring hammer, a 5/16 or ⅞ diameter steel or wooden dowel that is about 1¾ in. long, a standard 2 in. putty knife, and a 3/16 in. hex key wrench or impact wrench.

To replace a roller, start by removing the old roller. Using your hex key wrench, remove the set screws from the set screw holes on each axle boss. Line up your dowel with the end of the axle, and gently tap it with your hammer until the axle is removed from the boss. Continue to work the axle out of the roller bearing, and remove it from the other boss.

Installing the new parts is simply a reverse of the above. Insert the axle through the first boss, and install a washer on the interior end of the axle. Place the Roller into the cavity and start the axle through the roller. Hold the roller in place with your finger through the opposite boss, and then gently tap with your hammer to slowly push the axle into the bearing. Use your putty knife to work another washer between the roller and boss, and hold it in place with your finger while you tap the axle through. Now, line up the axle and tighten the set screws. The final step is to locate the grease fitting and apply an all-purpose grease to properly lubricate the rollers.

By following these simple steps, you’ve gained a complete understanding of how to repair the simple and ruggedly designed Hevi-Haul machinery skates. With simple maintenance and easy repair, Hevi-Haul skates are designed and manufactured to last a lifetime.

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