How Machinery Skates are Made

Since 1938, Hevi-Haul has been manufacturing high-quality industrial dollies and skates as a much-needed tool for machinery movers, riggers, and structural movers. Over the years, we’ve perfected our manufacturing process to fine-tune our products and deliver the strongest, most durable, and overall best machinery skates in the world. Our manufacturing ingenuity allows for a superior product at a fair price for our customers.

While many years of experience and continuous improvement of our operations have led to the high-quality products we ship today, our machinery skates are still built using the basic design we developed many years ago. Let’s take a closer look at what it takes to build the world’s best machinery skates:

Superior processes lead to superior products

Our manufacturing experts pride themselves on the high quality of the products that they ship every day. Our world-class, USA-based manufacturing facility uses state of the art processes and techniques to build what is by nature a fairly simple product.

Hevi-Haul skates start from the ground up – with the rollers. Our steel rollers provide maximum durability and can handle extended resting loads and even permanent installation. They excel in applications with rough or uneven floors. Our polyurethane coated rollers are the ideal choice for floors and rolling surfaces that require maximum protection. Poly rollers are not recommended for extended resting loads or on rough and debris-riddled rolling surfaces.

These high-quality rollers are built to exacting specifications and then pressed onto our 1” diameter CNC machined, high carbon steel axles. Heat treated needle bearings extend the full length of the roller for smooth operation. The extremely durable axles, combined with the needle bearings, ensure smooth and accurate motion of the rollers, and easily accessible grease fittings allow for easy lubrication and minimum maintenance.

The roller assemblies are now ready to be built into the steel frame. Our advanced manufacturing techniques allow for extremely high tolerances, ensuring that our machinery skates fit exact specifications consistently. The steel frame, sourced from high-quality American steel, is welded and fabricated in the USA. Our unique frame features a wide roller stance, which allows our skates to easily bridge cracks, gaps and holes in floors, and steel cleats on the top of the skates which embed themselves into wood skids or blocking to ensure alignment and grip.

Once the frame is fully assembled with the rollers in place, each skate is thoroughly inspected and tested for the highest quality. The finished skates are then packaged and sent to our customer, ready to move even the heaviest of loads with ease and reliability.

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