Custom Skates for Unique Applications

Unique problems require unique solutions. When a load needs to be relocated, and our traditional line of load-moving products isn’t appropriate, we go back to the drawing board. Hevi-Haul is your expert in the best products to move heavy machinery, structures, and materials, and our deep knowledge of building products that move the world can develop a custom solution to your unique load-moving problem.

How do we do this? With a blend of new technology and old-fashioned experience. Our talented engineers will assess your project and situation, and our team will design a custom load-moving product to perfectly address your needs. With over 80 years of experience in custom roller dollies, we use our expertise and the latest in 3D CAD software and technology to design the best one of a kind rugged skates in a myriad of varieties.

Whether it’s a modification to our standard skates or a custom solution, we will work directly with you through the design process to model a product that fits your requirements prior to production. We involve you in the process, ensuring that you have our full confidence as we undertake the challenge of addressing your unique problem. You’ll see the depth and breadth of talent, experience, and passion that is present in our custom solutions team, and you’ll be pleased with the solution that we develop for you.

We use high-quality North American steel, CNC machined components, and fully welded steel frames for added strength and longevity for your toughest moves. Our decades of experience in manufacturing the best machinery skates and structural moving skates in the world will put the creation of your custom skates in the best hands. Rest assured knowing that you have a team of the best in the business working on your custom solution.

With skate capacities ranging from 1.5 tons to 150 tons each, Hevi-Haul has built custom skates for a myriad of applications for companies in many different industries. Whether the problem is moving specialized heavy equipment, a large and unruly load of material, or a delicate operation moving a historical landmark, Hevi-Haul can design and build a load-moving product that meets your needs and gets the job done.

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Hevi-Haul Skates have been trusted by professional rigging companies and machinery movers for over 80 years as the premiere family owned American brand machinery dolly. Contact us today for a personal answer to all your inquiries.