Everything You Need to Know About Roller Dollies

What is a roller dolly and how can it help you and your business? Well, maybe we can help you. Roller dollies go by many different names, such as sack-truck, trollies, and hand-trucks. These dollies are the ultimate moving tools that no business should be without.

Roller dollies are superb moving tools that benefit many businesses, particularly companies within the manual labor and moving industries. Now, what should you know when purchasing one for your business?

Shape And Size

Due to their ability to cater to different industries and services, roller dollies, of course, come in different shapes and sizes. From straight line skates to compact swivel skates, different dollies have different moving features to accommodate varying loads.

What Kind Of Roller Dollies Do You Need?

This all depends on the nature of your work, but if you’ll be anticipating carrying different kinds of loads, you’ll not only be considering the size but other customizable aspects too.

You can choose to customize a variety of different aspects, including but not limited to:

  • Wheel size and type
  • Handle type
  • Skate system and weight capacity
  • Stair climbers

Most importantly, you have to establish the purpose your dolly will serve.


Roller dollies are high capacity and can be used to shift machinery and heavy-duty materials. For this reason, configurations are often necessary for ease of use.

Examples of configurations and customizations that can be made are fitting swiveling wheels in order to better maneuver tight turns with precision while keeping heavy loads safe. To protect flooring, some dollies can be fitted with nylon chain rollers. Otherwise, steel chain rollers or tracks can also be used. For more uneven surfaces, rocker tops and turntables can be fitted as modifications.

Braking mechanisms can also be installed for safety purposes.

Where Do We Come In?

Here at Hevi-Haul, we can help you determine you roller dolly needs. We believe in the best when it comes to skates and dollies, and we want to know that you’ll get the best out of the products we have available. If that means customization, we offer that too!

If you purchase the right roller dolly for your needs, your employees will have a much easier time shifting things around, making it less of a perk and more of a necessity.

Dollies can help carry out essential work and may be one of the most important purchases you make for your business. Whether you need it for work, or you’re moving your business from point A to point B, we’re here to help.

To request a quote, or for any general inquiries, contact us today. Be sure to also check out our product catalog for a peek at what we already have on offer and get some ideas. To see them in action, be sure to visit our video gallery too!