Custom Skates Offer Smooth Movement For Any Application

With over 80 years of experience in custom roller dollies, Hevi-Haul is proud to use our expertise and the latest in 3D CAD software and technology to design the best custom skates in a myriad of varieties. Whether it’s a modification to our standard skates or a custom solution, we will work directly with you through the design process to model a product that fits your requirements prior to production. We use high-quality North American steel, CNC machined components and fully welded steel frames for added strength and longevity for your toughest moves.Here’s another unique skate we’ve developed for one of our great customers:

Here’s another unique skate we’ve developed for one of our great customers:

Hevi-Haul was approached by a new customer who had recently admired a custom design we had developed for another customer in the Norwegian Oilfield Services industry. The new customer had a similar problem and needed our expertise to develop a unique solution. Their use case was for a very heavy, large diameter reel, best described as a giant hose reel turned on its side. The customer needed a skate that they could lay out in a precise pattern to create a circle.

To give a better understanding of the size of this reel, if you lay all of the skates they required end to end it forms a 15-foot diameter circle. They will be laid out and mounted a large distance apart, so this is a large structure that needs to move precisely. In all, we supplied this customer with an overall load capacity of 250 tons or 500,000 pounds!

Each base plate was laser burned to precise measurements using 3/4″ thick plate, including laser burned bolt hole patterns located on all four corners. The bolt hole pattern will be used to secure these dollies right to the floor of the reel. Due to contact with seawater, each wheel was custom manufactured with one of our CNC machines to accept a sealed bearing, ensuring a long lifespan for the rollers.

This project required the ingenuity of our specialized engineering team, and they developed a solution that met the needs of the customer exceptionally well. The solution has enabled the customer to decrease production times and overall was a massive success. At Hevi-Haul, we look forward to our next opportunity to design a unique solution that solves problems for our customers and increases profits as well.

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