Heavy equipment is often one of the most dangerous aspects of a workplace. Transporting this equipment leads to numerous injuries, which in turn leads to company losses. In fact, there were about 404 annual deaths from mobile heavy equipment between 1992 and 2010.

Workplace injuries and fatalities lead to both manpower and financial costs for businesses. But using the right equipment can help employers avoid these injuries and losses.

When moving heavy equipment, a beam trolley can play a pivotal role. It’s a versatile tool that can be used in a range of manufacturing and assembly plant applications. But that doesn’t mean it’s right for every application.

Read on to see if a beam trolley would benefit your business.

What Is a Beam Trolley?

Beam trolleys are specifically used to help re-position hoists vertically along a beam. When assessing their quality, there are several factors that affect quality. For instance:

  • Most buyers look for corrosion-resistant beam trolleys. This is because the product lasts longer, meaning money saved on equipment costs.
  • If you are working with flammable or explosive goods, looking for a spark-resistant beam trolley makes sense.
  • Sealed bearings will help your equipment roll more smoothly. Additionally, anti-drop plates improve the safety and durability of the trolley. This helps prevent accidents and damage when the wheels touch the rail end stoppers.

Since trolleys come in a variety of capacities, measure exactly what weight capacity you need.

When to Use a Beam Trolley

When simply moving equipment from one place to another, these devices can work in your favor. The equipment being moved must be able to easily attach to the trolley with a hook.

Finally, the l-beam trolley can be useful for moving products and equipment around curves. The trolley’s tracks can directed to different trajectories.

When Not to Use a Beam Trolley

Beam trollies do not work in every situation. For instance:

  • If you are moving equipment along an incline, these trolleys can create a dangerous situation due to the weight of the equipment or product. Other moving tools are better suited for this circumstance.
  • These trollies are also not suited for motorized movement or for use as a work surface.

If a trolley won’t meet your needs, there are a variety of machinery skates that can safely and efficiently move heavy equipment in a range of directions.

Get What You Need

If your workplace fits the criteria above, a beam trolley may be cost-effective option for you. But, if the beam trolley doesn’t seem like the right fit, make sure to browse our products. At Hevi-Haul, we’ve been innovating in the heavy rigging and material handling industry since 1938.