4 Tips to Know Before Hiring Structural Movers

Are you looking for reliable structural movers but don’t know how to hire the right company? Moving an entire construction requires a high level of preparedness, quality equipment, and skilled workers.

There are two main ways to move a structure: Dismantling the structure and reassembling it on the new location, or relocating the entire structure as is. Both types are equally challenging, which is why you need a professional company to handle the process without damages.

Keep reading to discover the four most useful tips on finding a structural moving company you can trust.

1. Ask About the Movers’ Experience

Before you hire structural movers, make sure to do some research on their reputation. Go online and read reviews from previous customers or ask around.

Another option is to ask the movers directly about their experience with the kind of relocation you need. Some companies specialize in one type of relocation and may not be able to handle different or bigger projects.

If possible, ask them to see references or any recently finished projects in the area. This way, you can see firsthand how the job was done and whether you want to hire them.

2. Ask About the Moving Equipment They Use

No matter the type of structure, the equipment used for relocation must be of impeccable quality. It needs to support the entire weight of the structure throughout the lifting and moving process.

Ask the company what moving equipment they use. Check if it’s their own or rented and ask about the systems that hold the structure together. In some cases, the equipment for relocating a house may not be the same as for relocating a building.

3. Check the Company’s Insurance Coverage

Professional structural movers must have several insurance coverage policies. This is to cover any unexpected accidents, damages, or incidents during the move.

Typically, the company needs to have the following insurance coverage:

  • General liability, to cover damages or injuries resulting from contractor’s work
  • Riggers/Cargo liability, to cover damages resulting from lifting or moving
  • Umbrella coverage, as additional protection in case the other liability policies are used up
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Automotive coverage

Never hire a structural moving company that doesn’t have the right insurance policies in place.

4. Check if the Company is a Member of an Official Association

When hiring a structural moving company, beware of the scammers and con artists. They’re excellent salesmen and unless you do detailed research, you may fall victim to their promises.

Always check if the company you’re considering is a member of a trade organization or official association. If necessary, call the state institutions responsible for licensing and ask about the company you’re interested in.

Also, see if the company has the appropriate licenses and permissions to perform the work and ask to see them, if needed.

Hiring Structural Movers is Easy With These Tips

You can have a stress-free, hassle-free structural move if you know how to hire the right company for it.

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