Why Your Rigging Company Needs Quality Machinery Skates

You should already know how important it is for rigging companies to include machinery skates in their inventories. They’re an indispensable way to safely move loads that weigh even 100 tons while remaining both close to the ground and easy to maneuver.

However, not all skates are created equal. When you purchase machinery skates for your company, you need to make sure that you’re investing in quality and efficiency.

Here at Hevi-Haul, we offer an unmatched combination of technology and engineering to create a product that works for you. Read on to find out why your company needs quality machinery skates.

1. Keep Loads In Place

When you’re undertaking a project like moving an entire building, you need to make sure that your load doesn’t budge an inch while you transport it.

While you should always use things like wood skids or blocking when necessary, the best skates will also come with materials that help you keep everything in place.

Our compact swivel skates, for example, have a friction plate between the top surface of the dolly and the swivel plate underneath to make sure that the skate doesn’t move too much under your load. The last thing you want is for a skate to slip out from excessive movement.

There are also steel cleats standard on all of our skates that embed themselves into wood under large amounts of weight. This helps to protect your load and make sure it travels flawlessly from point A to point B.

2. You Need Machinery Skates That Protect Floors

Some machinery skates will mark or heavily damage the floors that they’re used on, creating an extra headache for you on top of the logistical problems of moving something that weighs thousands of pounds.

Instead, businesses should find skates that protect floors and are made of materials meant to reduce the likelihood of any marks or damage. Skates with polyurethane-coated rollers, for example, are ideal for floors that need the most protection.

If your needs change and you find you need to move a load across an uneven surface, good skates will have rollers that are interchangeable. Switch out the polyurethane rollers for steel rollers that will get the job done on even a rough floor.

3. Get Skates Customized To Your Needs

Every business’ needs are different. A moving company who needs to transport a building or historic structure all in one piece would look for something different than a rigging company looking to move heavy machinery.

In some cases, you need the ability to customize high-quality skates that will meet your needs. Hevi-Haul is proud to either modify our existing skates or create something completely new, just to make sure that they meet your needs and high expectations.

Solutions like these allow businesses to keep customers happy and decrease their production costs in a way that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

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