How To Move A Building: Part 2

As we discussed in our last post, structural relocation efforts require safety, strength, and precise, predictable movement. Whether the building is moved because of historical significance, redevelopment, or environmental conditions, every structural move is difficult. Hevi-Haul’s structural mover skates are the best in the world, designed and engineered with a unique knowledge of what it takes to move a building, and built right here in the USA.

House And Building Mover Skates

Hevi-Haul’s house and building mover skates are the original structural relocation skate. Known by professional structural movers as X/Y skates, these skates allow movement in both the X and Y axis. This precise movement allows contractors a level of freedom in how they move the structure but also keeps the movement predictable and safe. Hevi-Haul house and building skates can also be split into two halves for single axis moving, which in turn doubles the standard load rating of the combined unit. Accept no substitutes and get the job right the first time, every time, with Hevi-Haul skates.

Beam Roller Skates

Buildings are built with a structure supported by long and heavy beams. While this adds strength and rigidity meant to support the building for generations, it also has the nice side effect of giving a building, once removed from its foundation, a long, smooth rolling surface. Since it’s absolutely critical that the building moves slowly in a single, straight line, Hevi-Haul offers our durable and rugged beam roller skates for any structural moving task. Beam roller skates make sliding and launching beams under structures a much easier task. With their high capacity and relatively light weight, these dollies can easily be raised overhead. Beam Roller Skates can be ordered with a removable guide roller system for multi-purpose usages, such as rolling smaller structures on beams.

All in all, Hevi-Haul has a proven history in structural moving. We pride ourselves on creating products that allow old buildings to be preserved and restored, and to save buildings that otherwise might be demolished. With Hevi-Haul structural mover skates, you can rest easy knowing that your building move project is supported by a team that is dedicated to the art and science of moving buildings.

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