4 Expert Tips for Finding the Right Industrial Skate Shop

Heavy machinery always means a sizable price tag. So, before you make a large investment, you want to be sure you’re in good hands.

Finding a trusted, industrial skate shop is not as simple as choosing a shop from Google’s search results. That’s why we have compiled a list of traits that every company should consider before making their choice.

1. Choose an Industrial Skate Shop You Can Trust

A great company is the first component of a reliable product. Hevi-Haul has been the premier industrial skate shop for more than 50 years, providing heavy duty skates for industrial users all over the country.

Paul J. Kordes’ design marked the beginning of a strong product and trustworthy brand. In 1938, Kordes designed Hevi-Haul Skates, the first roller dollies to be used for professional movers and rigging companies. Our skates made their jobs faster, easier, and more efficient.

2. Find Longevity and Reliability

Quality skates can last for years on end. Finding longevity and reliability is the key to finding a great fit for an affordable price. So, while you browse suppliers’ stocks, be sure to inquire about the average lifespan for an average set of skates.

When asking about stock, also ask your potential supplier about return rates. You don’t want to pay too much for a product that won’t hold up to your high standards.

3. Search for an Affordable Price

Price is always an important factor for companies. And since skates don’t come cheap, a hefty price tag may cause some to put off purchasing.

Safety should be a primary concern when looking for any type of heavy machinery. Remember that affordability is well and good, but you don’t want to choose cheap and be stuck with a substandard heavy piece of equipment that becomes a liability.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and negotiate with your potential supplier. Finding the right deal can ensure that you’re making the right investment.

4. Look for Experience with Skates of All Sorts

Nothing is worth more than experience, particularly with machinery. The right supplier should have years, preferably decades, of experience in the industry. Heavy duty skates require special expertise that is not easily acquired.

Ask plenty of questions and don’t be afraid to poke and prod. Purchasing industrial skates is a big investment. Consider a supplier as a resource, as well as a potential partner.

And remember: Hevi-Haul has been designing, building, and selling industrial skates and dollies for decades. In fact,the great-grandfather of our current General Manager was a manager at Paul J. Kordes!

An Industrial Skate Shop You Can Trust

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