Everything You Need To Know About Industrial Skate Rental

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Everything You Need To Know About Industrial Skate Rental

Everything You Need To Know About Industrial Skate Rental

Industrial skates are crucial. They help move your equipment easier and prevent accidents.

It’s easy to want to get the moving process over with. The best way to tackle heavy equipment and settle into your new facility is by renting a moving skate.

So, you’re probably trying to search for skates and finish moving as fast as possible. But how do you find the most durable and reliable skates? Before you agree to a rental, it’s important to understand skates and the process when renting them.

Prevent lifting a heavy object and sustaining an injury. Learn more about renting a skate during your next move.

The Types of Industrial Skate Options

There are many types of skates used for different purposes. To be sure you’re using the best skate for the job, understand the different types of skates:

Machinery Skates

  • These are rollers designed to move heavy equipment.
  • These skates can usually sustain up to 72 tons of weight.
  • Machinery skates can be fixed to hold equipment as you’re unloading but can be adjusted to move and steer equipment.
  • Machinery skates come in different shapes and sizes to hold various types of heavy equipment.

Structural Moving Skates

  • These skates are specifically used to move a structure from its original location to a new location.
  • These skates are useful when transporting historical or sensitive materials associated with a structure.
  • Structural skates can also be used when transporting specific features of a residential property.
  • House and building skates allow a structure to be moved in any direction.
  • A beam roller skate helps move heavy buildings with the help of high-capacity beams.

Know What Skates You Need

  • When choosing an industrial skate, understand which one you’ll need. Do you need to move large or small equipment? Some skates are better for large pieces while others are better for smaller pieces in bulk.
  • Movement is also important. You need a skate with excellent maneuverability while holding a large amount of weight.
  • There are several varieties of industrial skates. The various skate designs and materials are made for different purposes.

The Rental Process

There is a specific process when renting a skate. After you know which skate you need and find it, you can start the renting process. Here are the most important facts to keep in mind:

  • Dates. Know the dates you’ll be needing the equipment. It’s better to add an extra day or two in case there are any delays in the moving process. Be sure you can return the equipment by the final day of your rental.
  • Quantity. Include the quantity of the skates you’ll need. It’s best to rent an extra one in case you end up needing more skates than you expected.
  • From here, you’ll receive your quote. Have a tentative budget in mind when renting an industrial skate.

Time to Rent an Industrial Skate

There may be a time when you need to rent a skate to move heavy equipment. When you need to relocate, always rent a skate. These skates help make a move a smooth process. They can sustain heavy weights and are easy to maneuver.

If you need to move heavy equipment, renting skates to make the move easier makes sense. But, moving heavy equipment can be dangerous, so it’s important to know that the skates you rent are of the highest quality.

Before renting, be sure to ask the rental company if they carry Hevi-Haul skates. Our skates have been known and trusted for decades for their high quality, durability, and reliability. If you need to move anything heavy, you can trust Hevi-Haul.