Moving your home, office or warehouse can be hard. What makes it even harder? Having to move your things during the peak of the summer heat. Here are some tips to make sure your family and crew are safe in the sun.

1. Assemble Your Moving Team Ahead of Time

Would you want to move heavy items last minute in the middle of July? Probably not. It’s always smartest to book your team of movers at least two months in advance, otherwise, it might be too late. Not having any help from a professional moving team when your office lease is over means your staff will have to do it themselves. They won’t be happy; you won’t be happy.  Scheduling and planning all this in advance ensures you’ll have people there to help you when you need them.

2. Always Stay Hydrated in the Summer Heat

Hydration is key to a successful and comfortable move. Dehydration is not just uncomfortable, it can lead to mental and physical fatigue and end up being a safety problem if not addressed. Make sure you have plenty of chilled water bottles at Point A and Point B so that everyone can be sure to drink enough of it. Not to mention, you’ll probably work up a sweat when it’s hot outside, which increases the speed at which you become dehydrated. Your family or moving crew will thank you for understanding how difficult working in the hot sun can be.

3. Protect Sensitive Items from Heat Damage

You may not know this, but there are a lot of items that can become damaged in an over-heated moving truck. Things like desktops computers, TVs, laptops, etc can break permanently if left in the direct heat. Laptops probably have loads of personal and professional documents saved on them. It’s smart to back them up before the move. Additionally, you’ll probably want to make separate plans for valuable items like these so they go from the old spot to the new one as quick as possible.

4. Dress According to the Summer Weather

This may sound like a given, but inappropriate attire can be a major cause for discomfort or even harm in excessive heat. Always remind your family and/or employees that on moving days they should wear light, breathable clothes and a pair of comfortable shoes, preferably some with solid protection. Sandals are comfy, but not ideal for moving desks or file cabinets.

5. Blast the A/C at the Old and New Location

Being outside for a few minutes can be hard enough. Trying to move into a hot, stuffy house can be worse than direct sunlight. Even if it’s just for the day, drop that A/C down so people have a chance to cool off when they’re going back and forth. Having a lot of fans going keeps the air moving too, which can make a huge difference, at least in how hot it feels inside.

Overall, moving in summer is tough. Moving companies are probably at their busiest, so be sure to book them well in advance. In addition, stay hydrated and dress according to the weather for the day. And don’t forget air conditioning is your friend when your moving in extreme temperatures.

If you’ve got some seriously heavy things to move this summer, these tips might not be enough to get the job done right. Hevi-Haul has industrial strength dollies to move even the heaviest things in your warehouse, office, or home.

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