Why Would Anyone Want to Move an Entire Home?

Why would anyone need to move their entire home to a new location? Imagine your own home being moved. It’s in its current location. Then someone comes over, picks it up from its foundation, carries it a couple miles, and then drops it down in a new spot. It sounds pretty much impossible, right? It has been done though, and a lot more often than you think!

Here are just a few possible reasons someone might need their entire home moved.

You Love the House, But Not the Location

Say you find a home you love, but you don’t like the location. It’s your dream home: the perfect size, the perfect style, the perfect everything—except the location. You could purchase the home, and then have it moved to the perfect location for your family. Alternatively, sometimes people want to move away but they’re too attached to their home to sell it. Instead they can shop for an empty plot of land, and then pay someone to move their house to it.

For anyone considering moving a whole house, it is important to keep finances in mind. It may be financially prudent to move the old house to the new spot instead of building a brand new home, but not always. The cost of moving your home will depend on many different variables.

You Want a Bigger House

Other times, people just want a bigger house and don’t want to pay to have the house demolished. That’s where moving the whole thing can help.

By moving it, you can basically recycle your home by selling it and then having the buyers pay to haul it to their own property. This can save you the costs of demolition. True, you typically wouldn’t sell your home for much money when doing this, but it prevents your entire home from being wrecked and put in a landfill, which is environmentally friendly.

Your Land Was Bought

There are situations in which your your land is bought to expand for developing highways or shopping centers. It isn’t very common, but it does happen. In these situations, people love their homes and don’t really want to move, but they don’t really have a choice. In a case like this, someone would have the option of having their home moved to a new location instead.

You Encounter Environmental Problems

Environmental problems like flooding and erosion might prompt you to consider moving your home. For instance, after a harsh flood, someone might consider moving their home to less risky location. If erosion were an ongoing issue in your location, you might consider stilting the house or rebuilding the foundation at first, but after dealing with years of environmental erosion, you might decide moving your house somewhere else makes more sense.

There’s Nothing Easy About Moving an Entire House

House moving is not cheap. It also isn’t easy to plan. So before you dig up your house and move it somewhere else, make certain that it makes sense, both financially and logistically. There are some limitations to house moving, so be certain to work with experienced and knowledgeable professionals who can help you make the move a successful one.

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