When you build something, you build it to last, right? What if the building is fine, but the location isn’t? Well, you just move it somewhere else. Here are some Wisconsin buildings that used to be somewhere else.

Culaccino Bar + Italian Kitchen (West Bend, WI)

Culaccino in West Bend has not always been the modern Italian restaurant it is now. Before Culacinno was Dublin’s, an Irish pub style restaurant. Before Dublin’s? The Binkery. The building started as a farmhouse in 1906. Its first move was down the street about 10 blocks in the 1950s where it was converted to a duplex. In 1979, it was purchased and turned into a bar/eatery called The Binkery. It became a local favorite. Over time, the area developed and the building was scheduled for demolition to make way for a Walgreens. Once again, the building was moved in 2010, and it still stands there now as Culaccino. After a few owners, three different locations, and a handful of name changes, the original building still stands. You can watch it all happen below.

The Granary (Sturgeon Bay, WI)

This historic granary in Sturgeon Bay is almost 120 years old! A lot can happen in a century, and apparently, this building needed moving. in 2018, the building was moved to the east side of the river from the west side. This iconic granary crossed the river using the Maple-Oregon Bridge. Once it was officially rooted in its new spot, the granary was christened by the Sturgeon Bay Historical Society.

Bristol Town Hall (Bristol, WI)

The Bristol Town Hall stood in its previous location for over 150 years. What was once a hub for the community became more and more of a type of storage space. The city was going to demolish the old town hall, but a group of community members banned together to save the historic building. They decided to move it to a city park some three miles away so it would be closer to the center of the town. This allowed people to tour the building and learn more about the history of Bristol.

Overall, moving buildings is no small job. And as you can see these Wisconsin buildings are massive. So how do they manage? They have the right equipment. Hevi-Haul makes the best building mover skates and roller beam skates in Wisconsin. Contact us today with any questions or for more information.