5 Industries That Benefit From High-Quality Machine Skates

When you need to move a building or a helicopter, you can’t settle for a mediocre solution. How do you move such massive structures without fear or crazy costs? Tons of weight need moving and lives are on the line.

A lot of money is on the line as well. It costs a great deal to move massive objects and structures. Popular Mechanics says it costs $12-16 per square foot to move a building. That means jobs and entire businesses are also counting on your team to get the work done.

Cranes and powerful trucks are expensive and aren’t always available. They are also not always customized to each specific job. So, what other options do you have? Machine skates are the answer to your quandaries.

What Are Machine Skates?

Machine skates are steel pieces of mechanical equipment. This equipment moves heavy machinery and other large objects for short distances. They can move many types of heavy loads under a variety of conditions.

There are many advantages of industrial skates and machine skates dollies. The benefits include affordability, durability, portability, and versatility.

Although industrial skates are useful for moving loads in any industry, these five industries benefit the most from using high-quality machine skates.

1. Agriculture

Farms and ranches have a lot of equipment that needs moving. This could be due to relocation, repairs, or a weather-related concern.

Building or moving a barn could also be a necessity. Tractors and forklifts are versatile, but they can’t do everything! Heavy farming equipment and parts are tricky to transport.

Budget is also a major factor. A lot of farmers and ranchers don’t have the big bank accounts needed to hire entire crews. Machine moving skate supplies provide the most bang for their buck.

2. Construction

Construction companies move steel beams, concrete dividers, industrial equipment, and other structures. Machine skates allow construction teams to support and move heavy pieces.

The most common construction equipment used includes bulldozers, cranes, dump trucks, and excavators.

Machine moving skates can also help to reduce the average emissions at a work site. Machine skates compensate for the pollution from the usual construction equipment.

3. Manufacturing

Manufacturing industries include a variety of factories and plants. They use enormous pieces of equipment to produce and store products or chemicals.

Common manufacturing equipment includes conveyor belts, massive containers, and assembly platforms. If these sections get damaged or replaced, basic forklifts can’t move them. Building or rearranging these sections requires the use of industrial skates. These versatile skates can move tons of metal with safety and precision.

Machine skates will see more use in factories and plants. Here are some of the main reasons:

  • Manufacturing centers need to update their technology. Safety requirements change for employees. Production materials and processes change over time.
  • International competition means factories and plants must cut costs and increase production. More heavy equipment and robotics are being added to factory floors.
  • Profit margins are thin for many factories and plants. Any improvements in efficiency go a long way.

Machine skates provide affordable means of moving heavy equipment and facilitating necessary upgrades.

4. Military

Business Insider estimates that the United States military has 13,000 planes and helicopters. Military bases also have countless ground vehicles, boats, weapons, and heavy equipment. That takes some real steel to transport and store!

Without proper care, military assets get damaged. That puts security at risk and costs tax-payers millions of dollars.

5. Shipping and Receiving

Machine skates also benefit warehouse industries that stock, package, and ship products. Boxes and shipping containers can weigh thousands of pounds.

Forklifts, carts, pallet jacks, and plenty of trucks get used in these facilities.

Only Buy the Best Machine Skates

Not all machine skating equipment is high quality. And given what’s at stake—damage to equipment, property, and people—it’s important to know you’re using high-quality equipment.

Take a look at our wide selection of superior machine skates. These include utility skates, straight-line skates, and compact swivel skates. They are the highest quality available and American made.

Remember to trust your equipment, clients, and coworkers with the best. Safety first!