Get Custom Skates From Hevi-Haul For Your Moving Needs

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Get Custom Skates From Hevi-Haul For Your Moving Needs

Get Custom Skates From Hevi-Haul For Your Moving Needs

When it comes to moving skates, Hevi-Haul has a long history of being an innovator in the material handling industry. We’ve come a long way since our early beginnings with Skid-Rol Dollies. Today we have an extensive catalog of moving solutions. And when that’s not enough, we can modify and create custom skates to suit your unique needs.

Don’t see what you need? We’ll create custom skates for you!

Applications don’t always have an off the shelf solution. There are times when our standard skates won’t do the job. You may need a modification on one of our products or a completely unique design. Whichever the case may be, we have the capabilities and expertise to design custom-fit solutions.

How do we create custom skates suited for your needs?

  1. We’ll use our 80 years+ experience to come up with a solution for your specific moving job. And while we’re at it, we’ll keep in mind all the fine details that define a successful solution.
  2. Our designers will partner with you in the design process to model a product that meets your requirements. And we’ll make sure to iron out all the details prior to production.
  3. We use the latest in 3D CAD software and technology to design quality skates that will perform beyond your expectations.
  4. We use high-quality North American steel, CNC machined components and fully welded steel frames for added strength and longevity for your move.
  5. We’ll ensure you’re satisfied with the process every step of the way.

There’s a reason our products move the world

We’ve been known for our quality and rugged products since our first skates were introduced to the industry in 1938 by Paul J. Kordes. Our dollies quickly followed suit for professional machinery movers, riggers and structural movers. 

As a family-owned small ­business, we take pride in earning and keeping the trust our customers have placed in us. From major multi-national ­companies to small machinery moving companies, our customers have become our friends and they count on us to manufacture and deliver the highest quality skates available.

Contact Hevi Haul-today to get more information on the highest quality roller dollies available.


5 Quick Tips About Moving with Equipment Skates

The wheel is one of mankind’s greatest inventions. Our ancestors instinctively knew that rolling things is easier and faster than dragging or carrying them. And modern moving equipment has only made it easier since then.

For instance,equipment skates are the modern version of putting wooden logs under heavy objects. They are notably useful in areas where a forklift or a crane is not the best choice, such as in a warehouse or an office.

Moving heavy loads is a dangerous job. In fact, millions died while working on the Great Wall of China. So, if you’re using machine skates to move heavy objects, remember these five tips to help keep you and your co-workers safe from equipment accidents.

1. Check Yourself

As the operator, you need to do your own risk assessment for the job to be done. You’re responsible for your own safety and for those of the people you work with.

  • First, if you’re not properly trained in handling machine moving skates, don’t even attempt it.
  • Next, always wear the correct personal protective equipment (PPE), such as safety goggles and hard hats.
  • Also, make sure you have received medical clearance from your doctor to operate heavy equipment.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, move heavy loads while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

2. Check Your Equipment Skates

Before using equipment like moving rollers and skates, you should check the condition of the machines for any faults or defects. Remember:

  • Your machines should have all the safeguards fitted and installed properly.
  • Learn their load limits and how they’re designed to move. Some skates can only go in straight paths while others can swivel and move in any direction.
  • Perform regular maintenance, and repair or replace damaged parts as needed.

3. Check Your Load

The weight of the load is vital information that you need to know. Remember:

  • Overloading the machine skates is something that you never should do.
  • The weight will also determine how much force you’ll need to move the load. In general, one person can pull up to two tons.
  • You should also study the weight distribution and the dimensions of the load. These data will determine how many points of contact are necessary when the load is on top of the skates.

4. Check Your Surroundings

The path to the desired space is an important consideration. Don’t forget:

  • If it is a straight path, you can use straight-line skates, but you’ll need compact swivel skates if there will be curves and turns.
  • The path should be clear of debris.
  • Mark and tag all obstructions and hazards along the path. These include overhead power lines, low clearance, and underground utilities. You should also take note of cracks that you may need to repair with a filler.

5. Check the People Around You

This one should be obvious: You shouldn’t permit children and animals to be around the work area.

Proper communication is key. Always be in constant communication with your co-workers.

While moving the load, you’ll have blind spots. You need to be aware of personnel that could be behind you or in your blind spots. Have a spotter guide you in these situations.

Always Keep Safety in Mind

We can’t always guarantee safety, but we hope that you can avoid most accidents by reading these tips. Our equipment skates are designed with everyone’s safety taken into consideration, and we want you to be as safe as possible when using them.

If you have questions about our products, please contact us. And if you want more tips on moving with equipment skates, don’t forget to check out more on our blog.