Businesses that have the regular task of moving industrial equipment in order to manufacture or utilize it benefit greatly from machinery moving skates. What are machinery moving skates exactly? Put simply, they are tools used to move many types of heavy loads under a variety of conditions. Moving industrial equipment can be cumbersome and awkward, making skates a necessity in warehouses around the world. They allow for less labor, improved mobility, and enhanced operational efficiency. Keep reading for more detailed information on the benefits of using skates for moving industrial equipment.

Benefits of Using Skates for Moving Industrial Equipment

Our moving skates come in many different designs, but all of them include a platform for heavy objects to be placed onto and wheels so those objects can be moved easily. When it comes to moving industrial equipment, it is essential that the skates have high-quality platforms and wheels, specifically chosen to cope with the shape and weight of the load. Different varietals are available through Hevi Haul, along with the ability to build custom moving skates if necessary. Due to such factors, the most pronounced benefits of moving skates are:

Ease of Use

All our moving skates are easy to use with clear operational instructions. Because of this, the majority of warehouse employees will be able to use them with little to no training required. With that in mind, operators should consider the surfaces they are moving over to avoid potential hazards. This is something that can be addressed when choosing the skate that will be used, and additional features can be added to accommodate unique environments when needed.


Safety training and awareness are essential in work environments that are moving industrial equipment. When the team has the right tools to carry out the job it increases the ability for it to be done safely. That being said, skates do not ensure that problems won’t occur, and should therefore be continuously handled with special attention and care.


The undeniable benefit of using moving skates is the wide range of different models available to accommodate every situation and object. Features on each skate vary from the wheels to the way the skate rotates. For heavier loads that are more unique and tricky, skates can be combined to create a load-moving system. View our selection of modified moving skates here.

Key Considerations

When it comes time to choose a skate for moving industrial equipment, consider the following elements to ensure you’re making the best choice.

Rolling Resistance

The moving skate should be able to move the equipment smoothly and easily. This comes down to choosing a design with good-quality bearings and appropriate roller material. For example, nylon rollers are a harder material than polyurethane, providing less rolling resistance and increasing load capacity.


In many cases, the equipment will not simply get moved in a straight line. Often times there are surrounding equipment and other obstacles that will be in the way. This is why it’s essential that the skate can rotate the load as required. The right combination of fixed and steerable skates will allow for a trouble-free, smooth movement of the equipment.

Floor Type

If it’s essential that the flooring within the working location is not damaged the appropriate load skates and rollers should be used. Steel rollers are the most commonly used, typically on concrete, and excel on rough, debris-covered, uneven surfaces. Polyurethane rollers are another common option, which is ideal for finished floors like new concrete, or epoxy-coated floor surfaces that you don’t want to be marked or marred. 

Identifying Which Moving Skate to Use

At Hevi Haul, we can help you determine what skate and rollers will be the most ideal for your specific needs. As a leading manufacturer of skates ideal for moving industrial equipment since 1938, there is no load big or small that our solutions can’t support. Contact us today for support navigating our products and services.