There are a variety of benefits that will come with investing in compact swivel skates for your light to medium load moving needs. These machinery skates offer directional control that provides stability and safety to any warehouse or industrial setting. Read on to discover why compact swivel skates may be the right choice for the convenience, efficiency, and safety of your work space. 

What Are Compact Swivel Skates?

Compact swivel skates are a small and low profile form of machinery skate consisting of a dolly top frame, a friction plate, and a swivel plate. They are designed for moving loads in the range of 1.5 to 12.5 tons per skate. 

Notably, the swivel plate offers full directional control and reduces movement without requiring a locking mechanism. Additionally, compact swivel skates can perform straight line load moving applications as well; the swivel tops can be simply removed with a hex key wrench.  

Being fully adaptable to your needs, these skates are available as steel rollers or polyurethane-coated rollers. The steel roller compact swivel skates are a good option for the heavier items and equipment in your warehouse as they are highly durable, particularly in settings with floors that are cracked or bumpy. Additionally, the steel rollers can be permanently installed, if needed. 

The polyurethane-coated option also provides maximum load capacity and is a good option for ensuring protection for more pristine and delicate floors. Common use settings include those with epoxy-coated floors, such as those commonly found in the aerospace and military fields.  

Hevi Haul sells compact swivel skates individually and in 6 and 10-ton kit capacities, each available in steel and polyurethane-coated options. And for specialized jobs that don’t quite fall in the functionality and capacity ranges offered, check out our modified and custom skate offerings

Compact Swivel Skates Improve Safety & Save Money

In addition to the convenience and efficiency of moving light to medium loads with swivel skates, they also significantly improve safety for warehouse workers. This improvement in safety is the primary reason to invest in compact swivel skates for your load moving applications. 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) pocket guide on warehouse worker safety includes a number of cautions about improper handling and injuries related to falling items and equipment. Indeed, these kinds of hazards lead to a majority of worker injuries as well as lost and damaged inventory. 

Securing your product and equipment while transporting them with reliable and adaptable moving mechanisms is one of the best investments you can make for your business’s financial growth and your employees’ safety. 

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If you have been researching the best machinery skates for moving light to medium load capacities, look no further than our compact swivel skates. You will find them to be reliable, convenient, safe, and adaptable to your setting and specific inventory and equipment needs. Turn to Hevi Haul for compact swivel skates. Contact us to ask any questions related to investing in compact swivel skates and other machinery skate options.