Our industrial moving skates are known for their convenience and ease of use. They can get industrial moving jobs done quickly, efficiently, and safely. When it comes to moving heavy machinery, Hevi-Haul moving skates are a perfect choice. They have been specially designed and constructed for just this purpose. If you have heavy machinery moving needs in your warehouse, construction, or other types of industrial setting, consider the different advantages these skates provide to employees, equipment protection, and inventory retention. 

Designed To Move Heavy Machinery

Yes, moving heavy machinery is one of Hevi-Haul’s main things. We have machinery skates that are frequently used by riggers and other clients with heavy load-moving requirements. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes and with different intended uses and specifications for each. For the heaviest of machinery moving purposes, our straight-line skates are made to move up to 100 tons per skate. That is some serious moving power! 

Properly trained and experienced professionals can use our equipment to efficiently move the heaviest loads. These skates provide additional stability in comparison to cheaper and flimsier moving alternatives. The choice between utility, straight line, and compact swivel skates also provides an additional layer of customization for your specific moving needs. 

Long-Lasting Endurance 

Hevi-Haul’s machinery skates are also a perfect fit for your long-term heavy machinery moving needs because they require minimal maintenance. Because we use CNC-machined component parts and North American steel, our moving skates are incredibly sturdy and long-lasting. 

These upgraded materials, along with superior construction in comparison to competitors, require minimal maintenance. There are only a few steps you will want to regularly take to ensure proper ongoing performance from your skates: 

  • Keep floors free of debris that might clog the rollers
  • Practice even weight distribution across rollers 
  • Replace individual rollers when needed (with Hevi-Haul replacement rollers)   

Practicing these simple preventative steps will help your moving skates continue to work at their highest capacity for years to come. 

Interchangeable Rollers Help Avoid Floor Damage 

One common concern when moving machinery is the potential for warehouse or construction-area floor damage. And, this concern should not be overlooked as warehouse floors encounter a lot of opportunities for damage. Hevi-Haul took these floors into consideration when designing the rollers for our machine skates. They come in two types: steel and polyurethane coated. These rollers are interchangeable across all of our machinery skates to accommodate different floor materials. The steel option is considered an “all-purpose” choice but will work best in uneven, unpolished, or rough floor settings. The polyurethane-coated option provides greater protection in delicate, polished, or coated floor settings. 

Learn More About Moving Heavy Machinery With Hevi-Haul Skates

Here we have covered some of the ways in which our machinery skates will improve heavy machinery moving requirements. But, there is a lot more to know about their design and material construction. To learn more about why our equipment’s structure is perfect for moving heavy machinery, read our blog on the design and materials used to construct our machinery skates.