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Moving Dollies, Moving Skates and Roller Dollies

Find heavy duty dollies and machinery skates for your largest moving jobs. Our heavy duty moving dollies are strong enough to take the weight of moving a large building, yet versatile enough to move machinery of many shapes and sizes. We have a variety of structural and machinery moving equipment to meet your needs, from structural moving dollies and utility skates to compact roller dollies and custom mover dollies.

Utility Roller Dollies

Utility Roller Dollies provide exceptional maneuverability, improved leading, following and climbing. Our unique design allow these Skates to bridge cracks, uneven floors and welds.

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Rigid Roller Dollies

Rigid Top Roller Dollies are designed for straight line moves. They feature a large footprint to provide maximum stability and load distribution from light to heavy duty loads.

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Compact Roller Dollies

Compact Roller Dollies give you the maneuverability of our other Skates with a smaller footprint, same low profile and removable swivel plate for straight line moves or rolling in channel.

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Structural Mover Dollies

Structural Mover Dollies allow you to move homes, large buildings and other large structures on I-Beams. Bi-Directional Models keep the structure moving in a straight line in either direction.

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Modified & Custom Dollies

We specialize in finding solutions for all of your load moving needs, whether it's a slight modification of one of our standard products or a completely unique design.

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Hevi-Haul Dollies in Action

Customize Any Hevi-Haul Skate

We specialize in finding solutions for all of your load moving needs. Whether it's a slight modification of our standard products to help better fit your application or a completely unique design, our dedicated staff will work closely with you though all phases of development. We use the latest in 3D CAD software to bring our designs to life prior to production. 

Industrial Lift Tables

Industrial Lift Tables

Check out our Industrial Lift Tables Tables at: