3 Amazing Structure Moving World Records

Every so often, someone breaks a world record in building and structure moving. Whether it's farthest, heaviest, or largest, these buildings and moves are seriously impressive. 1. Farthest Building Relocation The farthest building relocation was achieved by Warkentin Building Movers, Inc. in Canada in August 2006. The total distance of the relocation was 1,205 miles. It

Wisconsin Buildings that Got Up and Moved

When you build something, you build it to last, right? What if the building is fine, but the location isn't? Well, you just move it somewhere else. Here are some Wisconsin buildings that used to be somewhere else. Culaccino Bar + Italian Kitchen (West Bend, WI) Culaccino in West Bend has not always been the

7 Step Guide on How to Move Your Home

Often times people want or need to move somewhere else, for whatever reason. Bigger space, more bedrooms, etc ... You can hire a team of movers to take all your belongings to a brand new home or location. You may even be brave enough to rent a truck and do it yourself. Or maybe, you

Here’s Why 3 Skate Systems Are The Solution

This blog is a continuation of our previous blog, The Problems With 4 Skate Systems, except this one is where you find all the answers. Let's first recap why using more skates is actually counterintuitive. The problem is in the points of contact and weight distribution. If you place an 8-legged table down on a

Tips for Hauling Heavy Stones, Blocks, or Slabs

Tips for Hauling Heavy Stones, Blocks, or Slabs If you plan on hauling some heavy concrete slabs or heavy stones on your own, there are some things you need to know. Whether it's a simple backyard project or a massive landscaping job, moving heavy things is not a joke. Back injuries are serious and can

Steel VS Polyurethane Rollers: How to Make the Right Choice

Steel vs Polyurethane Rollers: How to Make the Right Choice With Hevi-Haul, you have two rollers to pick from for your move: steel vs polyurethane. Based on your specific situation, one will be a better choice for your moving purposes. Steel and polyurethane rollers are interchangeable with all our machinery skates, including utility, straight line, and

How Rollers Defy the Laws of Physics

How Rollers Defy the Laws of Physics Utility skates are based on a simple technology: the roller. A roller is basically a long wheel. It's a very simple design built to make moving heavy things easy, but how do they do that exactly? The Physics Problems Gravity is the universal force that pulls objects down

Why Would Anyone Want to Move an Entire Home?

Why Would Anyone Want to Move an Entire Home? Why would anyone need to move their entire home to a new location? Imagine your own home being moved. It's in its current location. Then someone comes over, picks it up from its foundation, carries it a couple miles, and then drops it down in a

How Did Ancient Civilizations Move Heavy Things?

How Did Ancient Civilizations Move Heavy Things? How did ancient civilizations move heavy building materials? From the Great Pyramid of Egypt to Stonehenge in England, all builders will run into a similar problem when dealing with large structures, materials, or equipment: How are we going to move these things? Here is how two of the

Stressed About Moving? These Tips Will Help!

Moving Tips To Stay Safe and Stress-Free Everyone knows moving can be a nightmare. It's stressful and time-consuming work, and it's not always easy on the body either. However, it's important to stay safe and stress-free. Here are five quick tips to make your next move a piece of cake! 1. Get the Right Gear