50 Ton Structural Mover Roller Dolly Steel Wheels HM-50


Product Description

50 Ton Capacity (100,000 Pounds) Bi-Direction Structural Mover Dolly with Steel Rollers. Model HM-50 is an excellent choice for moving homes, buildings, and other large structures on I-Beams. Our Guide Roller System keeps the structure moving in a straight line and in either direction on the x and y axis. Each HM-50 is capable of being split into two halves and will maintain a 50 Ton Capacity per half.

Also available with a fixed Guide Roller System.

Modified & Custom Skates: One size doesn't fit all. We specialize in creating solutions to your unique load moving applications. Contact us for a quotation.

Technical Specifications

Capacity: 50 Tons (100,000 lb.) with Steel Rollers

Overall Length:
 19.57 Inches

Overall Width: 20.50 Inches

Overall Height: 10 Inches

Weight: 318 Pounds

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